Many vaccines can now be given every three years after the initial series given to puppies and kittens. 

As many as 28% of the coyote population is infested with HEARTWORMS. Every dog owner should consider putting their pet on a once a month preventative. Click on the word or go to the link page to view information on heartworm infestation. 

A significant number of bats in Southern California carry the rabies virus.

Nearly 100% of the puppies we see have some sort of internal parasite. Some of these parasites have public health significance in that they can also infest humans. It's imperative that pet owners be aware of this potential and have a sample of the pet's stool checked yearly. 

Spaying female dogs prior to their first estrus (heat) cycle can almost eliminate the possibility of mammary cancer in later years. The same goes for neutering male dogs when they are young to diminish the possibility of prostatic cancer, although recent studies indicate neutering large breed dogs later in life may decrease the chance for heart disease and arthritis. 

Keeping your pet lean will prolong the lifespan by 20%. Start during the puppy and kitten phase to get them used to a lower food intake. Don't go by the feeding chart on the pet food as these companies tend to be too generous. 

Puppy and kitten owners: If you have a collar on your pet, remember to adjust the size as the animal grows. The collar should be comfortable and not tight. 

Rabies Alert (From the SCVMA):

LAGUNA BEACH ANIMAL SERVICES reported recently that a cat killed a bat that tested positive for rabies. 

  • The cat was not up-to-date on rabies vaccination.
  • No current rabies certificate could be furnished.
  • As a result, the cat must undergo a six month rabies quarantine, per state law. Had the rabies vaccine been current, only a one month quarantine would be required.
  • And the owner is going through post rabies exposure treatment. 
  • Rabies is local and active!
  • Rabies does exist in So Cal.!!
  • Rabies vaccinations are safe and effective!!!
  • Failing to vaccinate for Rabies has its own set of unintended consequences.
  • For further information about Rabies prevention and requirements contact your local animal control facility.
  • A recent article in the LA Times stated that a skunk was acting strangely and was trapped and tested for rabies. The test came back positive. Further testing will be done to determine the source. It was thought that the skunk may have been bitten by a bat. 

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