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Dr. Grote is now focusing on care for geriatric and terminally ill patients. 

Hospice and Pain Management: This involves monitoring and providing medications and care that will help to maintain a pain-free and comfortable life for those elderly extremely ill pets. As pets live longer, they often experience the same aches and pains from arthritis as we do. There are many new medications, techniques and supplements that can make your pet more comfortable. Please ask us.  

A Compassionate Transition (In Home): Although an uncomfortable subject, compassionate euthanasia can be a necessity to end suffering and pain. We understand the difficulty of dealing with this situation and offer a gentle and pain free approach in the comfort of your pet’s home environment. Click Here For Information.

Second Opinions: Occasionally, it is worthwhile to get a second opinion on a problem that does not seem to be responding. I am happy to discuss what is going on with your pet. However, I will never be critical of another veterinarian’s viewpoint and am only here for support.  

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