About Dr. Grote

Dr. Grote (or Dr. G to most) has been involved in veterinary medicine for more years than he cares to think about. Many people may remember him from his ownership of Arden Animal Hospital in Glendale, California from 1984 until 1998. Arden, during those years consistently rated amonst the best small animal veterinary hospitals in the area. As an AAHA member hospital, AAH was in the top ten percent of veterinary practices in the entire nation. 

He is now bringing his compassion and veterinary expertise to a group of pet owners who would prefer to have their pets' care administered in a home setting.  Dr. G via petdoconwheels.com offers the same quality of service and medicine that can be achieved in a regular hospital facility with the exceptions of major surgeries, long anesthetic procedures and emergency  situations that are best accompanied in a hospital situation.   

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