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Thank you for visiting me here at PetDocOnWheels.com.

This year (2019) I have decided to change the focus of Pet Doc On Wheels from wellness care to hospice and palliative care. Currently, there are few veterinarians who offer consultation services and treatment for geriatric and/or pets with terminal illnesses in the home.

Pet Doc On Wheels is located in San Gabriel, California. I will continue to service areas within a 30 minute drive.  

Treatment at home usually involves less stress to the animal. There is also less chance for exposure to disease in your home. However, it is important to understand that a physical exam can carry its own stress for your pet. They don’t understand that what we do is for their own good. For them, a stranger is poking and prodding to see if anything is wrong. We can’t tell them “it’s for their own good” even though we know that it is. Cats can be especially difficult to deal with in “their” home environment, as their home is a "comfort zone" for them. Dogs are happy being with their owners or guardians, whereas, cats are happy if their home is stable without outside influences like a veterinarian. In home euthanasia, however, is much better for both species and their guardians. 

If you considering "in Home Euthanasia" click here.

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